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Please fill out the form below, and click "send" button once to make a reservation.

We will send you the estimated price, etc. by e-mail in some days.

Please note ;
Jumbo Taxi (9-seater) : Fare Payment is available in Cash (Yen).
Ordinary type Taxi (5-seater) : Cash (Yen) and Credit cards are available.

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Please let us know if you have any further requests or questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Only for Sightseeing Reservation.

If you need a Regular Taxi Reservation, please call "Radio Taxi".

Call : +81-120-411-190(free) or +81-45-226-3161

The discount & fixed taxi fare from/to Haneda/Narita Airport and Yokohama/Yokosuka/Kawasaki area can also be available at "Radio Taxi".

Call : +81-120-411-190(free) or +81-45-226-3161